Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time to move

It seems a co-incidence that my first post was when I moved into New Jersey. And now that I have restarted it's time to move on....
We relocate back to India in a month's time. This has brought mixed feelings in me a part of me wants to stay back for some time and on the other hand I rejoice in the return.
Five years in this country, during which we have stayed in quite a few places - Arizona, California, Michigan, Virginia and last New Jersey. Each of the places so different from the other, giving beautiful memories to treasure.

My thoughts are similar to the ones I hear from people considering a return to India. That it is our country, we would be with our countrymen (and women), proximity to family, familiar places, etc. For me a big plus is the freedom to work with the employer you want without restrictions of visa and stuff. It's like having shackles taken off my feet.

On the other hand this country has given and taught me a lot. To loosen up a bit, the independence, budget living, consumerism :)

The mammoth task of packing now remains......

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