Monday, August 5, 2013

Wheat Dosa / Godumb maav dosha / Atta dosa

In Kerala, previously wheat dosa or godumb maav dosa was considered as a secondary to the rice-udad dal recipe. That could very well be attributed to the fascination for everything rice in Kerala. Today, a lot of families have adopted this recipe to bring in variety to the breakfast menu and also to minimize the rice intake. Godumb dosa as it is called in Malayalam, was also a recipe that was adopted in case cooking for a diabetic. I started making wheat dosa after marriage, my husband loved them and taught me how to make them. This dosa can be a little sweet and hence should be paired with a spicy chutney like the ulli chammanthi / onion chutney I posted here earlier.
The best thing about preparing the atta dosa and ulli chammanthi for breakfast is that it doesn't require much prep time and can be done simultaneously. Start with the ulli chammanthi - dice a couple of onions, grind it with a little salt and chilli powder. In a pan give a tadka of mustard seeds and curry leaves and then add this mixture into it and keep on low. In another mixie jar add wheat flour and salt and give it a quick whisk and the batter is ready to make. Stir the onion mix and on the other burner heat up a griddle to start making the dosa. That's it breakfast ready in under 20 minutes.
Wheat Dosa recipe:
Wheat flour / Gehun ka atta / Godumb maav - 2 cups
Salt to taste
Water - as required
Add the wheat flour and the salt into a blender jar or mixie jar. To start add a cup of water and give it a quick whisk. Open and check that there are no lumps. The batter should be of pourable consistency like a pancake batter. Add a little more water to get the consistence right. Once done, it is ready to be made. Heat a dosa pan or griddle. Pour a ladleful on it and spread the batter like in a normal dosa. Sprinkle a few drops of oil and turn sides to cook all through. In case you like your Godumb dosa crisp, spread the batter as thin as possible and cook over low heat. The dosa is ready to be served with chutney / chammanthi.

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