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Potato masala bhaji like in Udipi restaurants

This potato masala / bhaji or aloo sabzi was made famous by the ubiquitous Udipi restaurants as the masala in the masala dosa. It also makes an appearance in the puri bhaji, thali and toasted sandwich in an Udipi menu. It is simple to make and hence, I guess, was added to the menu of many a homes. This aloo sabzi goes well with chapati, puri and of course dosa. We also make a stuffed toasted sandwich with this potato masala for filling. 
At home, we tend to make this aloo sabzi when we run out of vegetables or to go with dosa. And then some rare times we make puri bhaji as well. 
Potatoes - 4 medium
Onion - 1 large
Green chilli - 2
Mustard seeds - 1tsp
Udad dal - 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves - 7 to 8
Coriander leaves - 1tsp
Oil - 1 tbsp
Peel, wash and dice the potatoes and keep in water. Slice the onions, chop green chilli and coriander leaves and keep aside. 

Boil the potatoes till just done in water with a little salt. Reserve about half cup of the water and drain off the rest.
Heat a kadhai, add the oil and when hot add the mustard seeds and udad dal. When the mustard seeds splutter add the sliced onion, chopped chilli and curry leaves and sauté till the onion turns light golden. Add turmeric powder and the boiled potatoes with the reserved water and mix well. Let it boil and during then roughly break the potatoes with the back of the spoon. Check for salt and add chopped coriander leaves and take off heat.
Serve with puris and sheera for a sinfully heavy meal like we did.
Variation: I have seen some restaurants add a little tomato into this, which should then be added when the potato and water is added and cook till the tomato is done. Continue the recipe as given above.
 fluffy puris
Potato masala
This Udipi restaurant style Potato Masala recipe goes to "Side dish mela", hosted by cooking4allseasons. 

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