Friday, October 4, 2013

Vegetable Pizza

This post is not about recipes. No recipes for either the pizza base or the tomato sauce for the pizza. I took these pictures for the colors from the toppings on the pizza. The other day when I visited a food store nearby, I bought a herbed pizza base and since I had bottled pizza sauce from earlier it was easy to put this Vegetable Pizza together. The toppings that I had on hand were sliced tomatoes, sliced broccoli, chopped onions, bell pepper strips, olives and of course cheese - Amul processed cheese and mozzarella.

I do like the pizzas from Pizza Hut but that has not stopped me from enjoying home made pizzas and also the pizza served in some Udipi restaurants. In fact, last year during my sister's visit, I took my nephew to Shiv Sagar, Juhu, and asked him to try their pizza. He is a fan of Italian wood-fire baked pizza and Pizza Hut and initially scoffed at the idea of ordering a pizza at an Udipi restaurant. But eventually, agreed to try it. And his verdict was? "Odd but I like it!"
My overloaded pizzas!
the first pizza

the second one without broccoli

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