Monday, February 10, 2014

Coconut Rose Sago / Tapioca Pudding

This Coconut Rose Sago / Tapioca Pudding is an adaptation of the recipe for Coconut Lilac Tapioca Pudding from the book, Cooking with Flowers by Miche Bacher. That recipe used lilac blossoms and candied lilacs. Since lilac is not a blossom we commonly use in Indian cooking, I substituted it with Gulkand which is made from preserved roses. This Tapioca / Sago pudding is thick and combines tastes of both the coconut milk and rose / gulkand.
Tapioca / Sago pearls - 1/2 cup
Coconut milk - 1 cup
Whole milk - 2 cups
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Gulkand - 3 tbsps
Rosewater -  couple of drops
Soak the sabudana or tapioca / sago pearls in 3/4 cup water for a couple of hours. Then drain the water, if any, and keep the sabudana or tapioca / sago pearls aside.
Take a saucepan and add the milk and sugar and let it come to a simmer then add the drained sabudana or tapioca / sago pearls. Cook on low to medium heat stirring it occasionally so the sago does not catch the bottom or stick together to a lump. It will take some time to cook. When the pearls start becoming translucent add the coconut milk and continue stirring occasionally till cooked. To check if it is done, take a sago pearl and bite it, it should be soft without a bite to it. Take off the heat and add the rose water and let it cool. Once cool add the gulkand and mix in. Refrigerate and serve garnished with rose petals.  
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