Friday, January 20, 2012

Shoddy work by BMC and a twisted ankle

Two days prior to Christmas I decided to go to Bandra to soak in the Christmassy feel and to pick some cake and sweets from the American Express Bakery and Hershes. I took a fast train to Bandra and got a shared auto right outside the station. In a few minutes, I was standing in front of Globus on Hill Road.

It was quite crowded since it was a Friday and it was only 2 days to Christmas! The shops were lit up, the window displays were done in Christmas colors and the whole place was brimming with people. People were haggling with vendors for clothes, accessories and shoes and the food carts had people milling around them to get the vendors attention. I was busy lapping up all the sights and clearly forgot to watch where I went and twisted my ankle in a pothole. I immediately reached out to hold on to people around me and avoided falling down. A girl who was to my side quickly helped me to a stool from a vendor. I took off my shoe and rolled up my jeans and saw that my ankle had swelled to enormous proportions. Few ladies gathered around me and suggested visiting a nearby hospital immediately to get it looked at. Since I started feeling giddy with the pain they helped me sit in an auto and got me water to revive me. Some of them were willing to come to the hospital with me. They waited with me till I was a little better insisting that I call home and also took my number to check on me later. After ensuring that my family would meet me at the hospital they let me leave in the auto.

I don't know what I would have done had these ladies not been around. What if I had fainted on the street and no one helped me? I was touched by the concern shown by complete strangers on that day and I thank God that people extend a kind hand when needed. One of the ladies even called me a little later to check if the dizziness had passed and asked me to message her once I reached the hospital.
This post is to thank all those who helped me that day. And maybe someday I will have opportunity to help someone in need and will thus keep the good deed going.

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