Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thai Green Curry with Ching's curry paste

I so like Thai green curry and my husband just cannot stand it. He somehow cannot take the aroma of the thai curry, I guess its to do with the galangal, lemon grass and basil in the curry. So this means, no  Thai restaurants or takeaways when eating out and cooking different things for him and me is out also. So when I saw the Ching's Thai green curry paste on the shelves in Big Bazar I just picked it. Of course there were 2 other brands but the price was the clinching factor for me! Next I needed some canned coconut milk and got Real Thai coconut milk and that because I have used it before and liked it. Though I would suggest using the Lite coconut milk for this curry.
I have always liked the vegetable Thai curry rather than the one with chicken. So I grabbed a zucchini and a small tray of baby corns from the store before exiting. I had some eggplant, carrots and bell peppers in the frig and I put all together and chopped them up. Then all I did was follow the instructions given on the bottle and it was done in no time!
It was definitely not the best curry like some I have had at restaurants but will make do to satisfy my cravings sometimes. Next, will try the red curry paste!

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