Friday, March 15, 2013

Uthapam step-by-step pictures

Last week I had some left over dosa batter which was also going sour and thought of making uthapam. I know scores of people make uthapam and I would be stupid to post a recipe for it. But when making it, the riot of colors made me photograph it and hence posting it....
And my most liked pic....
Thats the chopped red onions, green peppers (capsicum) and lovely red carrots added to the dosa batter. In addition to these, I added green chilli, curry leaves, salt and a pinch of turmeric.
The batter spread on a pan with a few drops of oil.
The uthapam turned over.
I added a little cheese on one side of the uthapam, just because I like cheese on just about everything!
Enjoy it with some coriander green chutney or with garlic pickle like I did.
My uthapam was slightly yellow from the turmeric with flecks of carrot, onion, pepper, curry leaf and chilli showing through.

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