Thursday, January 9, 2014

Strawberry Lemonade

My husband and I like flavored lemonade and usually keep an eye out for fruit crushes, flavorings and syrups to make some interesting drinks. We had flavored lemonade for the first time when we were in the US. Once when we were at a restaurant with my sister and family my husband ordered strawberry lemonade and when my niece who was 3 then, saw the play of color in the glass of lemonade she immediately wanted a sip from the glass. After one sip, she liked it so much she refused to return the drink to my husband!
On our trip to Kasauli, we picked up a couple bottles of fruit crushes to make flavored lemonade and this strawberry crush was one of them. It's very simple to make and can be easily made in large quantities if you are expecting guests.

A jugful of lemonade
Strawberry crush
Make a lightly sweetened lemonade ahead of time and keep in the refrigerator. When the guests arrive, pour a splash of strawberry crush in the glasses and carefully pour the lemonade in each glass. Do not let the the contents mix so that the colors are also separate creating a visual appeal. Add a stirrer to each glass and serve.
You can jazz it up by serving it differently. Shave some ice in a blender, take a glass and pour a teeny weeny bit of strawberry crush, then top with shaved ice and add a little more strawberry crush. Pour the lemonade carefully without mixing the contents. The color of the strawberry crush will seep through the shaved ice and you will have a great looking drink. Add a stirrer and your drink is ready.

Serve the Strawberry Lemonade in different glasses and try and get your hands on some jar glasses as well.


My Strawberry Lemonade goes to
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